The Top 4 Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

The Top 4 Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Reviews and Guides

Growing plants indoors is a very fun and rewarding activity. To do so, you will need several equipment. One such equipment is a full spectrum LED grow light. But why do you need full spectrum LED grow lights? Well, simply put, these lights can help accelerate the growth of your plants and increase yield. So of course, you have to use it if you want your indoor growing to succeed. The problem is, there are so many full spectrum LED grow lights to choose from that it can be quite daunting for the first timer. That’s why we’ve made a list of some of the best full spectrum LED grow lights. So if you are looking for one, keep reading this article so you can get an idea of which grow light to go for.

ZooPod Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


  • Has a liquid cooling system
  • 50,000 hours life
  • IP65 waterproof rates
  • Lightweight
  • 2-year warranty


  • None that we can think of

There’s a reason why the ZooPod Full Spectrum LED grow light is first on our list. It’s because we consider it as the best on the market today. Notice that it doesn’t have any cons? That’s how good this grow light is. It features its own liquid cooling system. Aside from that, it also has a sterilization feature that kills bacteria that affect your plants’ growth and flowering stages. Plus, if you check Amazon, this LED grow light has received 5 stars by customers who bought it. That’s a great testament to how good this grow light is.

What makes this full spectrum LED grow light great is that it mimics the sunlight very well and will provide you with a light color of 3000 to 3200K. It can help promote flowering, cell division and also increases yield over time. Best of all, this LED grow light is very efficient so you will save money in the long run. You can use the Zoopod Full Spectrum LED grow light to grow or boost fruits, aquarium plants, medicinal plants, vegetables, microgreens and even marijuana. This grow light is also IP65 rated for being waterproof.

A lot of fields and industries like indoor gardening, plant factories and greenhouses use this grow light. That’s proof of how excellent it is. This grow light has a beam angle of 180 degrees and only weighs 12.75 pounds. It has a power value of 210 Watts. Lastly, it has a total life span of 50,000 hours and has  a 2-year warranty. Very impressive right?

ViparSpectra 1200W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


  • Effective cooling system
  • Can be adjusted for different growth stages
  • Very versatile
  • Energy efficient for its wattage


  • Expensive

If you are looking for a grow light that can accommodate a huge grow room, the ViparSpectra 1200W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is perfect for you. This LED lamp has a power rating of 1200 watts. That is more than enough to help you grow any number of plants you need. Although this grow light isn’t exactly a cheap option, it does compensate by being a very effective one. Also, it is very competitively priced compared to other units of similar design. This system includes a full spectrum of light for your plants. That means it has the right lighting technology for all growth stages of the plant. You just need to adjust the amount of light exposure the plants get for the different growth stages. This LED light offers a better solution because there is no need to change out LED lamps when the plants mature.

The Viparspectra grow light also has an integrated cooling system that keeps the lamp cool at all times. It has six separate cooling fans built into the tray. In terms of cooling power, this grow light tops most other models on the market today. If you want additional temperature control and LED chip longevity, you can also use aluminum heat sinks, which can further dissipate the heat produced by the lamp. This grow lam is also very versatile as it has a very useful feature that other lamps just don’t have. This is probably why it belongs to the upper range in price.

As mentioned above, this LED light lamp offers a way to turning off certain spectrum colors at different growth stages. This feature will allows you to control the growth between vegetative and flowering stages better. Even though it is rated at 1200W, it does not automatically mean it draws this much energy from the electricity. This just means that this is the wattage of HID lamp it can replace. In reality, this system will only consume an average of about 524W of power but produces the same lighting for your plants as a 1200 watts HPS light. Lastly, this LED grow light has a three-year warranty.

BloomBeast Full Spectrum Grow Light


  • Offers 6 month free replacement
  • 5-year warranty
  • 400 watt power
  • UL certified light
  • UL certified fans
  • Very lightweight
  • Includes UV and IR
  • Has 2 different modes
  • Inexpensive


  • Very bright

This inexpensive full spectrum LED grow light has a 90-day money back guarantee, 6 months free replacement warranty and also a 5-year warranty. You won’t get any warranty better than that. It is a 400 watt powered, 12 band LED Grow light that offers two different modes for you to use. The first mode for the vegetation cycle and the second mode is for the bloom cycle. This full spectrum LED grow light radiates both Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) lights, which will help your plants in both vegetation and blooming states. BloomBeast also provides you with safety assurance along with quality and durability. One proof is that they have obtained a certification from UL standard for their LED grow light. It also has UL standard approved fans.

The BloomBeast Full Spectrum Grow Light uses convex lens which will optimize lighting coverage, will not make any hot spots, provides a full blend of light and it will help and enhance growth and yields of your plants. It goes without saying that all the bulbs inside BloomBeast are full spectrum LED light bulbs. The manufacture of this full spectrum grow light also claims that you will be able to save up to 50% of your electricity power. Plus, it only weighs 8.8 pounds and has a dimension of 11x11x 2 inches.

GrowMol GM800 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Offers 30-day money back guarantee
  • Has 120 pieces of full spectrum LED light bulbs
  • Inexpensive
  • Uses Bridgelux and Epistar bulbs
  • Dimmer provided
  • Dual mode
  • 12 band spectrum


  • Not waterproof

Last but certainly not the least, the fifth spot of the 5 best full spectrum LED grow lights is the GrowMol GM800 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. Although this grow light is very reasonably price, it doesn’t reflect the quality. In fact, this full spectrum grow light has a complete 5-star rating on Amazon by almost a hundred customers. That’s how well liked this grow light is. Even without testing, you can say that this is a high quality piece of lighting equipment just by reading the review in Amazon. The manufacturer grow light also has a 10 year experience in making LED grow lights. So you are guaranteed an excellent and well designed product. Plus, they also claim that the GrowMol GM800 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light will produce 20% to 30% more yield than its competitors.

This grow features a dual mode lighting. One mode is for the vegetation stage where the blue light is more emitted to the plants and the other mode is made for the bloom stage. In this mode, 660 red light is emitted on to the plants. Aside from the two modes, you can also dim the light by using the dimmer knob that is already provided. If you want to grow medical marijuana, this kind of light will be perfect. The manufacturer is also one of the first brands on the market to make a 12 band full spectrum LED grow lights with UV and IR. Great yield results are attributed to the combination of the different lights and the PAR value. Plus, you can also use the free hanging kit provided when you buy this plant. Since you will be able to dim the light between 0 to 100%, you will not need to adjust the height of the light.

It also uses Bridgelux and Epistar branded light bulbs, which are very high quality and have a better spectrum and lifespan. It has a power rating of 600 Watts and only weighs 6.5 pounds. The best part is, it has a lifetime warranty.

So if you are looking for a good full spectrum LED grow light, any of the four choices above will be able to cater to your needs. These grow lights are high quality and have excellent reviews on Amazon. That’s proof that users are very satisfied with these grow lights.

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