The Best T5 Grow Lights Reviews

The Best T5 Grow Lights – The Best T5 Grow Light Reviews

Indoor growing involves certain skills and equipments. One of those equipments is a T5 grow light. For the uninitiated, a T5 grow light is a tube-shaped fluorescent light that is 5/8-inch in diameter. These T5 grow lights are considered one of the best lights for growing any kind of plant indoors. From vegetables to the most delicate flowers, T5 grow lights will work perfectly. So now, the question is, which T5 grow light should you choose? We’ve compiled some of the best T5 grow lights available on the market today. Read on to find out which one works best for your needs.

Hydro Crunch T5 Flourescent 4Ft 8-Lamp Grow Light System

What makes the Hydro Crunch T5 Flourescent grow light system great is that it is inexpensive. It offers 4 by 4-foot coverage with a 54-watt output per bulb. It fits perfectly in a small grow tent. If you have a larger grow room, you can daisy chain several Hydro Crunches to cover the whole room. Best of all, you can also hang it vertically on a wall. The configuration of this lamp has a 95% reflective frame which perfectly intensifies the light output. This grow light system comes with a built-in hanging wire so you can easily set it up. Plus, it is pretty much a plug and go type of system. It also has a 15-foot-long power cord that is UL-listed for safety, although it isn’t compatible with GFCI outlets.

IPower T5 Grow Light

The IPower T5 grow light is equipped with a 6500K light spectrum output and has a wide reflector to cover a large area. Plus, it features a feather-touch height adjustment system mechanism which will help you deploy the grow light at your desired height. All you have to do is lower or increase the height and you are set. This grow light also sports t5 bulbs that are built for faster growth of plants with 15% to 20% more lumens. Compared to other T5 grow lights on the market, this particular grow light has a full spectrum light which will completely mimic daylight, thereby resulting in a better growth potential of the plants. What’s more, the internal surface of the cover has a metallic finish which will reflect more light to the plants. This T5 grow light also has a simple toggle clamp so you can adjust the height of the T5 bulbs. Plus, it has a 6-foot long chord. Lastly, this T5 grow light has a 1 year warranty.

DuroLux DL844s 4 Feet T5 Grow Light

Just like the Hydro Crunch, this is a 4-foot long lamp by DuroLux is designed so that you can safely power up to 5 fixtures from a single outlet. Best of all, the ballast is already included in the fixture. And just like the Hydro Crunch, it also comes with a 15-foot long power cord. It also comes with chains so you can easily hang it. What makes this grow light great is that you can vary the amount of light you want by using the switches to turn on just two of the four bulbs. If you need more light, you can turn on all four at once. DuroLux guarantees that the German Hammertone Reflector they used in this system helps this lamp put out up to 30% more light than other grow lights of the same type on the market. This claim is supported by most growers who use this light too.

So there you go. These are the three best T5 grow lights on the market today. Going for any one of these will surely help you get the yield you want.

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