Best 600 Watt LED Grow Lights

600 Watt LED Grow Lights Reviews

Apparently, growing indoor plants is not an issue anymore. In fact, the 600 Watt LED Growth Light is a reliable light. It helps you grow and assist in photosynthesis process. Moreover, the 600 Watt LED Growth Light is efficient in yielding good quality plants. It also exhibits powerful lights that are very effective and convenient. With surprisingly competitive price, you get what you deserve for your money.

LED lights might be expensive compared with conventional lamps, but LED lights are surely more efficient. They can effortlessly simulate the role of sunlight to help in developing plants. Made from quality to generate less heat while keeping the environment temperature.

Why choose the 600 Watt LED Growth Light? Continue reading and find out more.

Key Features

The 600 Watt LED Growth Light specifically for an all-around light, but specially for indoor planting needs. Scientifically engineered and developed by professional indoor growers. So guaranteed that you only get the best performance.

The PAR / Lumen Output keeps the balance and improve the coverage of all your plants to receive the same amount of light. It only means that your plants receive proper distribution and get ample light to develop in full state. Moreover, well-lighted plants improves the quality of the plants as they grow and become denser.

Do you worry that 600 Watt LED Growth Light would consume high-power that usually results in higher electricity bills? Well, you’re absolutely thinking the other way around. It is because the the 600 Watt LED Growth Light is energy-saving. The truth is, this LED Light only consumes about 70% less energy than the usual HPS/HID or even fluorescent lights.

The 600 Watt LED Growth Light features high-speed cooling fans and an aluminum cooling sinks for easy dissipation. So you can use the 600 Watt LED Growth Light for longer hours without worrying that your grow room would be heated too much. However, make sure that the place is well-ventilated and there are external exhaust fans to help rotate the heat inside and outside of your room.

In terms of coverage, the 600 Watt LED Growth Light can reach a very good coverage area. It gives you more light power, so you’ll also receive higher light intensity and denseness. For maximum performance, keep the height of your grow light between 18-24 inches to enrich and nourish your plants.

The 600 Watt LED Growth Light supports an angle of 90 degrees that provides larger coverage area. And to top it all, the 600 Watt LED Growth Light has an approximate lifespan of more than 10,000 hours.



  • Well-distributed PAR/Lumen output
  • Greater coverage
  • Exhibits full spectrum
  • More efficient than common HID / HPS lights
  • Longer lifespan
  • Features cooling sink and high speed fans
  • Made from quality materials


  • The 600 Watt LED Growth Light is not waterproof
  • Usually the light intensity needs to monitor

The Verdict

The 600 Watt LED Growth Light is an ideal device for growing good quality plants. Designed to spread light evenly. Built from quality materials for sturdiness, and great performance. Very convenient and easy to use. The 600 Watt LED Growth Light might not be that popular against other brands, but you’ll surely get the best value for your money. It gives you a complete package of excellence with an affordable price. A great deal for small and big rooms.

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Best LED Grow Lights Reviews
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